Brands are Built on Promises

“I don’t know how you come back from a prolonged stoppage a second time because it is unprecedented,” said Ed O’Hara, senior partner of New York-based SME Branding, “Brands are built on promises. In… Continue reading

Bible Quoting Cheerleaders

In my communications ethics class, we discussed an issue that came up this October in Kountze, Texas where a public high school cheerleading squad created banners for the football games that consisted of… Continue reading

Social Media Magic: The Disney Perspective

It’s no secret that Disney is everywhere. Whether its TV, Radio, clothing or entertainment, Disney is there. One place that is particularly interesting with Disney is social media. They don’t focus on their… Continue reading

Sandy Goes Viral

The east coast was slammed by Hurricane Sandy this weekend and into the rest of the week. She didn’t just make an impact on the eastern states, she also made an impact on… Continue reading

What is the Future of Social Media?

We live in a world full of social media. Whether we’re browsing people’s photos on Facebook from our computers or updated a status on Twitter from a phone, social media is all around.… Continue reading

The PR Tactic of the NHL

NEW YORK, NY – Earlier this week the NHL announced there was an “agreeable” proposal on the table and if the NHLPA agreed to it, a full 82 game season could start on… Continue reading

The Social Media Customer Service of AT&T

Social media has opened many doors for companies. One way social media can be used is for customer service. One company does a great job with social media customer service: AT&T. According to… Continue reading

NHL Lockout Continues

NEW YORK, NY – Meeting continued today between the NHL and the NHLPA regarding the current lockout situation. Despite meeting, no further progress has been made. According to an article in the LA… Continue reading

How Social Media Can Help Your Company’s PR

With the rise of the internet and digital age, social media has taken over.  People are always sending tweets, checking their Facebook feed, or reading blogs for news.  With this technology and the… Continue reading

Old Navy’s Fit For Fall, Fashion Show for All

NEW YORK CITY – What a great marketing idea!  A Fashion show that not only everyone in the public can go to, but that normal people can model in as well.  Old Navy… Continue reading